Hand Surgery

We all use our hands constantly. It doesn’t matter if you build homes, use a computer at work, or like maintaining your backyard garden at every opportunity – odds are, you use your hands when you’re at work or at play. The hands are an intricate and finely balanced piece of biological machinery. Fortunately, unlike most machines, they are often able to heal and repair themselves. But every now and then, they need a little help, whether it is dealing with pain, numbness, lumps and bumps, or injuries.

Dr. Nagarkar is a fellowship-trained hand surgeon who specializes in treatment of the hand and wrist. He will evaluate you with a thorough examination and assessment before providing a clear and simple explanation of the cause of your complaints, and your treatment options. Surprisingly, surgery is often not the first answer in hand surgery, and Dr. Nagarkar can often effectively treat you with braces, injections, or physical/occupational therapy before surgery is needed.

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Common hand problems

Carpal tunnel: presenting with pain, numbness, tingling, weakness or clumsiness, carpal tunnel syndrome can make you miserable if left untreated.

Trigger finger: one of the most common hand maladies, affecting young and old, men and women alike, this is actually a type of tendonitis that can progressively lead to stiff, painful hands that catch and lock.

Hand arthritis: whether it is wear-and-tear, injury-related, or the autoimmune type (e.g. rheumatoid), painful arthritis can affect the wrist joints, the thumb, and the fingers. Fortunately there are effective treatments including both surgical and nonsurgical therapies for each joint.

Dupuytren’s disease: a genetic disease of people with northern European ancestry, Dupuytren’s is unsurprisingly common in every community in the United States, reflecting our melting pot of cultures. Thickening of the “gristle” of the palms and fingers causes lumps, bumps,
cords, and eventually fingers that cannot straighten completely.

Hand injuries: we explore our world with our hands, so it’s not surprising that they bear the brunt of it. From broken forearms, wrists, and fingers to cut tendons or nerves, Dr. Nagarkar can walk you through how he will help put you back together.

Ganglion cyst: collections of fluid escaping from the hand or wrist joints, cysts can be painful or unsightly.

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