Body Contouring

There are a lot of different types of patients who might be interested in body contouring surgery. Patients who have lost weight with or without weight-loss surgery (such as the gastric sleeve) often seek body contouring. They find that although the pounds have melted away, there is stubborn excess skin left behind. Women recovering from pregnancy may find that some of the skin that was stretched by a growing baby just refuses to go back to its original contour. Or you may just have a bit of stubborn fat in one area, or a lack of fullness in another.
Body contouring surgery can be very helpful for all of these situations. Dr. Nagarkar employs multiple techniques including skin removal, muscle tightening, liposuction, and fat injections. The goal is to match the cover of your book to its contents.
In addition, Dr. Nagarkar sees patients who require reconstruction of their chest, abdomen, back, pelvis or lower extremities.
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Body contouring cosmetic surgeries

Tummy tuck

One of the most common body contouring procedures, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty removes excess abdominal skin and fat, and tightens the abdominal muscles to give you back that hourglass shape.

Mommy makeover

A combination of breast, abdominal and other procedures designed to help you regain your pre-pregnancy body, by lifting and enhancing the breasts, and removing stretch marks and loose skin from the abdomen.

Brazilian butt lift

Invented by the Brazilians and popularized by the Kardashians, the butt lift is a two-for-one. It removes fat from places you don’t want it, and puts it in the places you do, to lift and enhance the buttocks.


Rarely performed entirely by itself, liposuction is usually combined with other procedures to redistribute and recontour your shape.

Thigh lift

For that elusive last bit of fat in the inner thigh, or in patients with excess skin after significant weight loss, a thigh lift can be very effective, with a well-hidden scar.

Arm lift

Removes excess skin of the upper arms. Diet and exercise (or liposuction) can get rid of fat, but the skin of the upper arm can be stubborn, and a brachioplasty, or arm lift, can address it.

Upper body lift

Combines a breast lift with removal of skin or fat rolls of the upper back along the bra line.

Lower body lift

Like the upper body lift, this lift goes all the way around the abdomen, combining a tummy-tuck with a buttock lift to completely recontour the lower trunk.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Also known as a labiaplasty, this procedure can often be performed in the office with local anesthesia for a quick recovery.

Male abdominoplasty

A different animal than the traditional female abdominoplasty. In men, Dr. Nagarkar makes sure that your contour is not inappropriately feminized, and shoots for Charles Atlas look rather than the Heidi Klum.

Trunk and lower extremity reconstructive surgeries

Abdominal wall

Most commonly needed after repair of large abdominal hernias, or abdominal tumors, this surgery uses biological or synthetic mesh along with your own muscles to create a new, strong abdominal wall.


Reconstruction after cancer surgeries of the colon, rectum, or pelvis

Pressure sores

Unfortunately all too common, pressure sores that fail to heal with good wound care can require surgery.

Lower leg, foot, and ankle

There isn’t a lot of skin and fat in the leg, foot and ankle. Wounds in these areas can have difficulty healing, and surgery to move tissues from the thigh, back or abdomen to the leg can be necessary to cover wounds.