Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Nagarkar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern. He offers a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures for patients in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, and the surrounding cities of the metroplex.

Undergoing surgery – especially optional surgery like cosmetic procedures – is a big step. Patients should consider their goals, desires, and options carefully before committing. Dr. Nagarkar believes that his role is to educate each patient on all the available options, and to customize an approach that will allow you to achieve your goals safely and effectively.

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Plastic Surgery Procedures


Plastic surgical procedures of the face include rejuvenation of the face and neck (face lift), forehead (brow lift), and eyelids (blepharoplasty), as well as surgeries to reshape or improve the nose (rhinoplasty) and chin (genioplasty) or correct prominent ears (otoplasty).

But as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Nagarkar also performs surgeries to restore form and function after injuries. This includes reconstruction of defects caused by Moh’s surgery for skin cancer, reconstruction of facial injuries (such as lacerations or fractures), and burn reconstruction.


Body procedures offered in our practice include tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), “mommy makeovers“, Brazilian butt lift, thigh lift, arm lift (brachioplasty), circumferential body lift, and vaginal rejuvenation (labiaplasty). In addition, Dr. Nagarkar treats patients who need abdominal reconstruction after hernia surgery, as well as chest wall and pelvic reconstruction after cancer surgeries.


Breast surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. Procedures offered in our practice include breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift (mastopexy), and asymmetry correction. Dr. Nagarkar also performs microsurgical as well as implant reconstruction following mastectomy for breast cancer.


Dr. Nagarkar has had special fellowship training in hand and wrist surgery. He treats various ailments of the hands including carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, ganglion cysts, hand and wrist arthritis, Dupuytren’s disease, fractures and other injuries of the hand or wrist, and other nerve compressions. He also performs reconstruction of lower extremity injuries after trauma.


Surgery is not always the best way to reach your goal. Often, nonsurgical treatments, such as Botox®, Kybella®, fillers, or lasers can get you where you want to be with less expense and quicker recovery.